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Sunday School


Learning Islamic knowledge is essential for Muslim kids as it equips them with a deep understanding of their faith and helps them to develop a strong connection with Allah. It not only helps Muslim kids to deepen their faith and spirituality but also provides them with important life skills. For instance, learning about the Quran and Hadiths can help children to develop critical thinking, effective communication, and leadership skills. Learning about Islamic principles, values, and practices, children are able to develop a sense of identity and belonging within their Muslim community. Faith based education can help Muslim kids to understand and appreciate diversity, and foster mutual respect and tolerance towards people of different faiths and cultures.  Furthermore, Islamic education can play a vital role in shaping the moral and ethical foundation of Muslim children, helping them to make informed decisions and navigate the challenges of everyday life.


By attending the Sunday school at Masjid Al-Nur, Muslim kids can also make new friends, build meaningful relationships, and feel a sense of community and belonging. Program like this can provide an excellent opportunity for young Muslim kids to gain a comprehensive understanding of Islamic teachings and traditions under the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced educators.







Every school year requires a new registration for every student. Registration fee $50 per year

Tuition Fee is $50 per child per month