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As our congregation continues to expand, we have outgrown our current mosque facility. After much searching, Masjid Al Nur has identified a church that would meet our needs with some renovation. This property is less than half a mile from our existing location. This larger worship space will allow us to host more community members, provide expanded programming, and plant deeper roots in our neighborhood. We are reaching out, asking friends like you to contribute what you can to help us purchase this new property. Transforming this church into an active mosque and community center is a constructive step that benefits all. With your donations, expertise, or volunteer time, we can work together to create an even more vibrant, understanding community.

Converting the building into a proper masjid for salah will require several renovations to outfit the space appropriately. First, we will need to remove the existing church pews and any permanent Christian installations like crosses or altars to open up the room. A plain Islamic prayer mat styled carpet will have to beinstalled oriented towards a qibla indicating Makkah. For ritual ablutions, separate wudhu stations for men and women will be added along with the necessary plumbing and drainage. A covered porch can provide entry from the new parking lot and driveway. Inside, we need to build a mihrab niche to demarcate the qibla wall along with a new minbar for delivering sermons. Additional improvements include installing adequate lighting, a sound system, roof repairs, security system, fence around the perimeter with a clear new sign, and some basic landscaping. With a budget of $200,000, allowing roughly $50,000 for the critical interior renovations to remove current features and outfit the prayer space properly, we can complete the necessary construction to adapt the layout and components for salah. With some modifications to transition from its original purpose, the building has strong potential to serve as a tranquil, welcoming masjid.

Here is the breakdown of expenses to convert the existing Church to Mosque: